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Women by Julia Ann's policy is to try and capture that sense of intimacy that you can only get by shooting women who truly like women.

Julia Vicky Together!

December 20th 2018

Section: Videos - Erotic Scenes

Julia and Vicky Together! It's been a long time hampered only by distance. Vicky is on one coast... Julia on another. Vicky expressed in an interview how much fun it is to relax and let someone take care of you.... so Julia does just that. Vicky promises to return the favor next time.  The first time Vicky and Julia have been together for WBJA.

Julia Solo!

December 10th 2018

Section: Videos - Solos

Julia Solo and Interview! ... I had time before my shoot with Vicky for a short new solo. She also grilled me about a few things too! New solo and interview. Enjoy! A WBJA Exclusive.

Vicky Solo!

December 3rd 2018

Section: Videos - Solos

Vicky Vette Solo! ... even though we live on different coasts we were finally able to get Hall of Famer Vicky Vette the last time she came to town for her WBJA debut. A solo video and interview with the Viking Vixen. Our video together coming soon too!